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A Guilt Free , Way Not To Lose Your Shirt To Charities

Handing Out $ Is Overrated, and @ Times Dumb , Even Dangerous !

Put Away That Stupid Credit Card, Better Yet Cut It Up

I Constantly Get Stories of People That Got Ripped Off By Charities

And no I’m not heartless, but there is a smarter way.

By smarter I mean it’s time to  educate, it’s time to offer

methods that are working and some the world has yet to see !

Please explore these ideas and share to all.

1. A concept called ” Aquaponics ” because you

can grow a million pounds of food on 3 acreas of land.


2. A weed many see as a tree but is actually a weed

” Moringa Trees “ said to be the world’s most giving plant.


3. The world’s most affordable electric system

” Hydro Pico Power “ because no person need live in



4. A plan you can print and send to all world leaders.


A small personal note from myself.



How could you




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