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Let’s Make It Happen




I’ve been told I think a little different than the rest of the world  🙂

You and I can make a dent in world hunger and pain all

without you risking a penny.

Here’s why, just by joining here you become a team player that

can save lives all you do is pass the torch along to what I believe

God calls the cheerful giver.

OPEN INTERNATIONAL INVITATION ::: It would be my honor to network with you,I run a ministry that never asks you for donations.

I am not a missionary, just a man on God’s mission. I am blind to race, creed and your own set of beliefs as this is a totally hands together international effort. I write many blogs that involve helping needy children, homeless veterans and people that are on the verge of being in harms way.. I take no money for myself as I have a small pension I can depend upon.

I never ask for money for anyone, any time I ask you to join is a absolutely free without pressure to give one dime. 

I will never ask you for one dime of my own, EVER !

Please make haste as my kids don’t have the luxury

of tomorrow.

Love In Christ,

brother Scott Gibboney


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