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I Don’t Have All The Answers, I’m Just Trusting The One That Does


I studied music in college, it was a disaster. Then I went

to a technical adult evening class. I was having memory

issues. Next I took a legal course that I did very well in,

but it was all open book testing, too easy. I didn’t do real

well in school so I took on whatever jobs I could do with

my short comings. A lot of people thought I was goofing off.

What I didn’t realize was that along the trail of my life I had

been around way too many toxic chemicals. This made it

rough to work for others because even I was confused as to

my poor performance. I got fired from many jobs

During the time of my studies in building maintenance

I met a christian group that said they loved God very much.

I moved in with them only to find out they were far more

concerned about how much they could get out of me and

profit off of my free labor.

God had given them more than they needed and they they

still demanded more. I had to get away from them. I was

very young in the Lord at that time, I was very hurt

and confused.

So I wound up doing mostly self-employment type of jobs or

jobs that put me in a position of having to work mostly alone.

Not really fitting in anywhere I learned to act as a free agent

doing everything for people such as portrait photography,

recruiter for truck driving school, professional shopper,

and marketing cars which really wasn’t all that bad.

Next I ran my dad’s business after he passed away in

1992. It was a repair , auto parts business and car wash.

It was perfect for me and I love it.

The local political people refused to allow me to continue

on as my dad did even though I had the right to do so…..

I was crushed.

After all the insanity I was told I was entitled to a veterans pension.

Which I am very thankful for at age 61. Without the US Veterans

Administration I would have been in a world of hurt.

Now having being down this not so easy path(s) in

life has taught me to be humble and have a better

understanding than most concerning God’s compassion

for my fellow man.

Not over night but gradually I have seen what I believe to be my

calling. To be a defender of the forsaken using whatever skills

and resources God supplies.

Recently a young lady asked me if I was a scientist due to my

interest or at least my curiosity of hydroponics. It’s a project

I have high hopes in regarding better farming for

orphanages all over the world. A lot of christians shy away all

this modern talk, but as long as all is true, and done in the

Light I am a person that believes God will supply us the

right tools and people for the right jobs. I tell people I am

not a know it all or holier than thou, just most likely a lot

more open to being blessed than thou …. Amen.

Love In Christ,

Brother Scott Gibboney








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