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A Covert Mision of Compassion and Faith


I don’t believe that beating people over the head with

your bible is a great way to introduce millions to Christ.

Many people are just plain fed up with an endless line

up of christians attacking . I can’t bring a person to Christ

unless it is God’s will. Unless people get a away from all

of us…they really won’t hear God. I commit this blog to that

task. A blog with a covert mission of allowing God to speak

to heart with us getting out of the way….Amen. ( A covert

operation to gently challenge peoples thoughts on the existence

and love of God. )

Here’s A Site You Can Share With Anyone Who has Not Accepted 

Jesus Christ In To Their Heart – CLICK HERE TO SEE THAT SITE

BECAUSE IT’S NOT ABOUT ME :: I am the voice of those

who have no voice, who’s calling is to gather other voices for

God’s work here on earth. Become the defender of the forsaken,

become a fellow vessel. It’s not about us: I don’t care where

you’ve been ,how bad you have been. Our God can make you

new and whole again, ( John 3:16 ).

Love In Christ Brother Scott Gibboney….Amen.


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