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Making Waves Without Money


Allow me a few minutes to convince you

that you can make a difference without a penny

of your own no matter who you are !

I am Brother Scott Gibboney, Who I am Is of little importance.

But there is absolutely no reason you and I can’t save millions of

small innocent chidren, fight abuse of all forms and basically

save the world horrible conditions like genocide,hunger, and

ignorance. This is not a pipe dream but a well thought out plan

with real facts, figures, and a network already in place. All are

welcome here as I am blind to your race,beliefs or creeds. Nor

will I EVER ask you for one dime as God supplies all my needs.

Please Visit This Site :

A Site To Save The World Witout Any Cash On Your Part

I am the voice of those who have no voice,

who’s calling is to gather other voices for God’s work

here on earth.

Become a ” defender of the forsaken “, become a fellow 

crusader against hate.

It’s not about us:

I don’t care who you are , how poor you are ,

Because it’s not about money it about what gives you hope.

Love In Christ,

Brother Scott Gibboney


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