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People Who Troll Are Dead Inside


Face it something is quite wrong … your whole life is one big

scream out in pain. Your the most unhappy person on earth.

There isn’t a day that goes by that you want to end this life.

Nothing you buy, beg for or have sold your soul has paid off.

No matter how good it gets it never really gets better.

So now you stand at the cross roads just you and a higher

power you’ve never bothered with. Although the world sees your

fake smile face you simply and deeply hurt.

Up until now you’ve managed to fool the whole world …. but

it’s different. It’s like all the air has been sucked out of your

life. No more games your being called out … by the One who made you.

You didn’t see this coming, but quietly inside all to yourself you

sob and fight it just isn’t right.

So here you are , I am not here to judge you … I hope you choose life.

Please take a serious second look at a book we simply call

the bible. No games, no deals, no tricks … just you and the guy

some of us call God, The Lord Jesus Christ.

Seek Him and get what many refer to as salvation , and some

self-respect. Just start with John 3:16 no nonsense, no yelling

just a quiet surrender. Not to people but The Man the world calls Jesus.



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