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Sweet Proposal To Build Your Google Circles


I’m alway seeking new and easy ways to build my social networks

and this one just surfaced :

This is a public circle of people that would like to be circulated in order to gain more followers, if you would like to be included please follow these steps.

1. Follow our page (this is needed in order for us to add you to the circle).

2. Click on the link and Share the circle publicly.

Hello I’m Scott Gibboney and I’m sick and tired of people saying life is

all science and it’s hopeless. I promise I’m not here to change you.

 Nor will I ever profit from this as I live on a small

 pension … and will never ask for a penny of yours, EVER !

I would love to share 5 u-tube videos with you that have had a positive

impact on my life, hope you enjoy.

I’m passionate about, Jesus, American Borders ,Health Issues ,Children’s Rights and Facebook Causes. —-Interested in Networking——– Relationship Status Single—————-Favorite Music —Contemporary Christian – and Nickelback !.———Favorite Movies —–Children Underground , The Bucket List , A Beautiful Mind———-Movies I Want to See Netflix streaming videos of History Channel material..Favorite Books ——How Full Is Your Bucket——-Books I Want to Read Eat To Live , More of America’s Most Wanted Recipes.Favorite Quotes——Better a live dog than a dead lion..Favorite Foods —-Nissan Noodels without the salty pack mixed up with my favorite low salt , low calorie chinese flavorings. Drain noodels well first before mixing anything in ! ———Favorite Places—–Anywhere in the mountains with a view or near the ocean with a cookout for friends———-Places I Want to Visit —— Canada has great fishing 
United States 
Photographer / U S Air Force / Retired 
Mount Aloysius Junior College 
Alternative energy 
The Bucket List 
Contemporary Christian
How Full Is Your Bucket ?

Love In Christ,

Brother Scott Gibboney


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