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The Only Donation Needed Here Is Love


Saving Lives Without $$ Isn’t Rocket Science

I’ve been trying to get the word out that just because a

person is unable to give that their vote of confidence matters.

By passing the torch as it were , that person briefly honors God

by getting the message posted along to a potential 10’s of

thousands who I will never meet who are able to help.

Rather than push people into giving, I let God soften hearts.

Don’t let another chance to truly serve God slip by.

To you it might just be another lazy fair weather kind of day ,


For sure though this certainly doesn’t let those who can and to

freely walk away. But they will have to answer to God themselves.

Living in splendor and not giving a penny to God’s work, do I really

have to say ah, not good ( LOL ).

It’s all up to you now. Please visit the next link.


I am not a missionary, just a man on God’s mission.

I am blind to race, creed and your own set of beliefs

as this is a totally hands together international effort.

I write many blogs that involve helping needy children,

homeless veterans and people that are on the verge of

being in harms way.. I take no money for myself as

I have a small pension I can depend upon.


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