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Be Who You Were Meant To Be For God


Felllow christian be not timid for the Lord

You are loved by the greatest Being of all.

He has taken you under His eternal wing.

In whom shall you be afraid ?

Your cup runneth over with grace, and yet

you fail to join in. You shy away from

the covenant of God.

Is it because you fear you have nothing to offer ?

Is it because a preacher has told he is the only

one called to lead in your group ?

Draw nigh unto the Father for He has you

and no one can divide you from His, Love , Wisdom

and Grace.

Reach out today for the world can’t wait, just love

as He Loved you first…He will do the rest.

May you discover all the calm, love, joy and in strength

only He can provide.

Gently walk away from anything or person that would

attempt to keep you from His Light, Truth Love and

Grace, Amen.

Be not timid, but know that you were loved first, by Him

that is Love, the Perfect Love that casts out fear.

Be who you were meant to be for God , Amen

Love In Christ,

Brother Scott Gibboney 



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