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Had Enough ?

Have you had enough of the;
Violence, abuse, apathy, lies, hatred, lust,
pain, murder, theft, deceit, disrespect,
slander, rape, insults, rage, revenge, neglect,
ridicule, humiliation, degradation, greed,
cheating,divorce, rejection, avoidance,
defamation, war, torture, malice, ignoring,
pretending,poisoning, demoralizing, corrupting,
immorality, profanity, defiance,
viciousness, meanness, prejudice, dehumanizing,
injurious words, belittling,mistreatment, inhumane
acts, holocaust, genocide, suicide, contempt, shame,
and worse. So did I, so I turned to God for answers
and not men. I am not holier than you as my best is
as dirty rags.
But He took me in just am I am.
I believe His name is Jesus, not because what others
told me but of His actions spoken of in God’s word.
Jesus led by example, He said ” I am the truth the
way and the light. “
Find Jesus and you will find peace.
Read : John 3:16
Then read all of that little black book
( King James Version – Holy Bible ).
I promise you it will be time well spent.

Scott Gibboney




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