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Ok, You’ve Been Saved Now What ?


Got A Big Heart For Kids ? ;

( PLEASE VISIT & INVESTIGATE – ” Gifts of Life Charity ” )

Come and meet people committed to God’s work, they could

use your help, Amen. Now that your saved will you dedicated

your talents to God..we hope so…Amen.

We need medical teams, craftsmen, ministers, missionaries

and every day lay people that simply want to make a difference.

Don’t be shy we are here to be a team… we really need you…Amen !

If your a missionary, want to be a missionary,  wish to work

with under fed and underprivileged kids now is your chance.

We are not here to take advantage of you.

In Him there is no darkness many callings will be

simple and small. But most of all we need to start with gentle

loving hearts. I never profit from none of my work nor will I

ever ask for money for myself, Amen.

Love In Christ,

brother Scott Gibboney

Gifts of Life Charity


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