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You Say You’re Christian ?


You say you’re christian yet you report other

christians because your better than they are.

You say you’re christian yet you wish other people

of other religions dead.

You say you’re christian yet refuse to love those

abroad, those confused of sexual origin.

You say you’re christain yet easily take His name

in vain. You say you’re christian yet your actions speak

of a different tune. You say you’re christian yet hate

those weaker than you.

You say you’re christian,


” Go now and sin no more ” , ” The fruit of the Spirit

is Love “.

Just in case you forgot Jesus spared your life, will

you not do so for others….” Who said, For in as much

as you have done it to the least ” ?

May God be most kind and show you the way

back, Amen.

 ” Come out from among them of :

Violence, abuse, apathy, lies, hatred, lust, pain, murder,

theft, deceit, disrespect, slander, rape, insults, rage, revenge,

neglect, ridicule, humiliation, degradation, greed, cheating,

divorce, rejection, avoidance, defamation, war, torture, malice,

ignoring, pretending,poisoning, demoralizing, corrupting,

immorality, profanity, defiance, self-righteousness,condemnation,

viciousness, meanness, prejudice, dehumanizing, injurious words,

belittling,mistreatment, inhumane acts, holocaust, genocide,

suicide, contempt, shame, crucifixion.

Nobody can live up to this so lean on Jesus He is the best

that can be done, Amen.

John 3:16

Love In Christ,

Friend me soon 🙂 at :

Brother Scott Gibboney


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  1. Evangelist Asim Dawood says:

    hi,lovely words ,For the Son of Man came to seek & to save what was lost.Luke 19.10.thanks Jesus Christ we are working Among the Sikh Hindu & Muslims in Jesus name Hallelujah.Sis what ur Vision tell me me we do ur Vision in Jesus name in my all country in Jesus name. Me working Addicted peoples Save The Youth & many more Jesus works Jesus gave us Jesus works Other Nations in Jesus name Hallelujah.what ur vision tell me now me do ur vision in Jesus name. see us f Book what we do in Jesus name. Come my country we arranged Big healing Crusaded in every village & city & you preached the words of God in Jesus name. pray so that we can bear all the expenditures & can help if we can help. God bless you for ever,Amen.Doing Good To All. Carry each other,s burdens, & in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6.2

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