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Please Share To Fight Hunger In India


Doors of Opportunity : Grace Children Ministries 

Grace Children Ministries committed to serve the Orphan Children,Widows,

Pastors,Old Age and AIDS People,also reach out to Unreached through the

Evangelism in INDIA.

Welcome Brother’s & Sister’s:


It is Gods great Vision. It was founded in 2006,and registered in 2008. The Grace Children Ministries seeks to facilitate care Pastors ,Orphans,Widows,Old Ages, people and also Evangelism to the unreached areas in INDIA.We began out of conviction that where there is no Gospel Vision the people perish. Provrbs.29:18.

We as a group of committed men and women of God,by the help of the Holy Ghost determined to reach the unreached with the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ,that they may have eternal life.

Our faith and ministry is absolutely based on the word of God. Heaven and Earth may pass away but my word shall not pass away (Math 24:35) has promoted us to name it “Grace Children Ministries“. This is a church oriented Ministries and a registered Social Religious Trust.

We totally depend on the Lord for all the aspects of our ministries.We look to the Lord to work in and through us and trust us for all our needs.The Grace Children Ministries desires to have an active membership praying the supporting Pastors for the extension of the coming Kingdom of God.

Some of Our Children :

Praise the God Almighty Dear Friends, 

We are very happy to welcome you to teach

the word of God in Our places. Thank God for

all of you! We are faithfully inviting you to preach

the gospel of Jesus Christ in among us.

We need your spiritual friendship. Kindly pray for our

G.C.M Children Home.

We will be praying for you and for your family.

Please show your kind love to our children. Thank you

and bless you everyday.

We would love to hear from you. 

Yours sincerely 
Pastor Praveen Ratna Kumar
Founder:GCM INDIA 

Please Pray About Being God’s Cheerful Giver : 

paypal donations :

Other Options :

Western Union,Money Transfer  (or)  Money Gram,Money Transfer

Reciver Name :- Praveen Kumar,

State :- Andhrapradesh,

Country:- INDIA.

Other Wise:-

If You andYour Ministry Would like to Wire a Donation to Our GCM.

Please,Here is our Bank information below.

God Bless Your Family and Your Donation… Pastor.G.Praveen.R.Kumar India.

GCM Board Account,By Wire Money Bank Details:-

Bank Name:- AXIS BANK,

Account Name:- G.Praveen Ratna Kumar,

Account Number:- 909010041794587,

Swift Code:- AXISINBB076.


Grace Children Ministries Gov.Reg.No.848 


Praveen Ratna Kumar

Beside Co-op bank



Andhra Pradesh

South India.


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