Internet Activists for Jesus




As a born again christian I recognize Jesus Christ as my

only passage to God. His life, His actions spoke beyond words.

I love Him because He first love me.

Now it is plain and simple as I must take up my own cross and

follow in His example. No bright and flashly story just that dingy

old cross.

As for this word vision, I lean on His arms.

Through my short set of earthly years I have come acoss a handful

of other Godly inspired people who’s counsel and knowledge have

finally led to this light at the end of the tunnel. ( Jesus Christ )

That hope of not my will but His will be done.

A God fearing man once told me when God does reveal His plan to

you that it will be way too big but just go along with Him.

It now appears that my ministy is one of supporting God’s work via

free resources. I have been gifted with many resouces that rather

than use them for my gain I have been instructed to share with all.

Here I am poorest of the the poor yet unexpainably rich in the eyes

of many. May God be near in your life with peace, wisdom and that

joy that all want yet fail to grasp.


Brother Scott Gibboney



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