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To All Fellow Christians Activists


I am Brother Scott Gibboney, I never seek

for my own, but in service to God, network

in His service to have compassion on all

the needy children of this world. I am the

voice of those that have no voice. The sick,

the forgotten, the lost. Fellow christian

please become that compassionate voice in

His service. I will never profit off of this

or ever ask you for a dime of my own.

All to Jesus I surrender, Amen.

Would you care to Feed the World Without Money ?

It’s all in the math ! 10,000 ” Joiners ” X

20 % = 2,000 Real Serious ” Joiners ” 2,000 X

Real Serious ” JOINERS ” – Bring in One More

Each = 4,000 Real Serious JOINERS X $ 138.00

= 552 Thousand Dollars ( You have to realize

that on the average that each FACEBOOK Member

is worth about $138.00 in the long term. )

Not all will contribute but that doesn’t matter

as we still need each person to pass the

” Torch of HOPE ” For saving thousands of needy

children, many homeless veterans, deliver clean

water systems, bring medical volunteer doctors,

and finally educate nations out of poverty.

” SAVING the World Without Risking Your Own Money ”

Love In Christ,

Brother Scott Gibboney


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