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They Murdered My Friend


” Me, Fred and The Red Sea ” ….true story.

When I was in my first year of college I was studying music. A mentally challenged man had a tape player for sale which I bought. The man invited me for dinner at his grandmother’s home and being in college a home cooked meal sounded rather …nice. So I walk in the direction he gave me which was a straight hike. His calculation was about 2 miles , well more like 6 or 7. After that he was the best fishing friend I could ever ask for. I knew him for around 15 years. One night it seems that he went to a party and got left behind. Two drunks gave him a ride, and roughed him up. He wasn’t much of a threat to anyone, most likely about 140 pounds at 5′ 9″ a runt at best. He had called earlier for a ride and my parents threw a fit. It was about 3 am on a weekend. His directions were so bad and it was so far out of the way I would have never found him. The next day there was frost on the ground, I’ll never forget that cold morning. The guy that had fixed my friend up with a ride could not be reached. Three weeks later he was found dead in a small river area.

My heart was ripped out and stomped on. I wished I could have been there at least to help him fight. Nobody even went to prison , he was ” retarded ” in their eyes. He wasn’t worth crying over they said at the local bar. His grandmother eyes were fire engine red when she told me the news. Both of us had just died a bit ourselves. Rest in Peace ” Fred McIntosh ” 1951- 1982. Buried next to his grandmother side by side, two of the best friends I ever had.

Have you come to the Red Sea in your life. Where in spite of all you do there is no other way but through ( Author – Annie Flint ) – This short note was found in an old old library on a dusty shelf. It was the begining of a long road back for me.

Count your age by your friends , not your years , count your life by your smiles ,
not your tears.

Please Honor Fred’s Passing By Visiting  ::::

May God Bless Your Day,

Brother Scott Gibboney


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