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Dearest New Christian, About Cults


Walk the straight and narrow. Be as honest as possible ,but don’t tell all. Keep your most private thoughts with God. He is our Master. Trust God before all others. Stay close to His word. Beware of many who would lure you in only to abuse you even in the name of God. My prayers are with you may God be near, Amen.

Beware of men and women who do not speak plainly but instead seek to impress you with their own knowledge and try to convince you that they are the only ones with the true knowledge of God. Put God above all others. Constantly seek him, His blood is a gift that fullfilled God’s will. Many cults are about. In the end it is they who want the glory. They inevitably tell that there is no other way to heaven but them and they are the only passage to God. They will most likely be takers and not givers. But fear not God has prepared a special place for them , unless they repent. Flee from such as you must be with God the One Who’s love who casts out fear.

They may dress in the finest appearl and will fool many. They will bend the word of God to suit their own needs. But you who walk the straight and narrow will see through their vanity and deceptions.

Cults will attempt to convince you that without them you will never see heaven.

Jesus Christ said :

Jesus said to him,” I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes to the Father, but by me. “

Yet even if they hurt you return not evil and do them no harm , but simply pray for them and seek God with a pure heart. God will see all that you do and He is for you.God is our reward and He values you above all His creation.

Christ is Our Liberator Not Our Dominator.

 Love In Christ Jesus,

 Brother Scott Gibboney


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