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I Am Called To Empower You


I will never ask you for personal donations, EVER.

Just give me 10 minutes of your most precious time to do

something good and sincere for alot of people in pain. I

am here to serve children, veterans and seniors that are

close to being in harms way. I’m am here to educate as I

am empowered with tools much of the world is clueless

about that can improve nations world wide. 

I don’t care what you status is or if you have ever been in

trouble with the law. I don’t care if your the biggest

outcast, rebel, voted most likely to fail or just down

on your luck. You will be able to bask in the satisfaction that

you too can do something absolutely amazing !

This is the calling a I must bear till the day I die.

I am Brother Scott Gibboney the voice of those that

have no voice. The innocent said to be guilty.

The starving child in America and abroad.

The homeless vets, the lonely and confused.

Please Review and Share :

Many Thanks for your valuable time,

Brother Scott Gibboney

The God I believe in values you !

John 3: 16




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