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Money Alone Won’t Feed The Millions ( Let’s Educate )


” Because without an intelligent plans millions

will go right on starving. “

Every day I get heart breaking stories of

people starving all over the world.

Much of this can be solved right here , right now.

If you have a serious desire to end world hunger,

then in all humility I wish to offer the following ;

* If I feed a person a fish I feed him for a day.

 If I teach a man to fish, I have fed him for life….Amen.

Here Are A Few Of Those Plans :

Do you ever lie awake thinking what you could do about

all the world’s misery. I do …and not that I’m smarter or

wiser but I just have to share …I just want all to know so

badly that there really are tools that are in motion at this

very second that are improving the lives of people so

destitute and poor that just the horror would

make most turn away.

One Million Pounds of Food on 3 Acres of Land

Have You Heard of Moringa ?

Next Up , The AfricaWaterBank

The AfricaWaterBank Rainwater Harvester is low cost (less than half

the cost of a borehole) – able to be 100% maintained locally – will not

break down – can be easily managed and maintained by women – can

be built using locally available skills and materials – and will

provide clean drinking water all year round for a rural community

with just 250 mm of rainfall annually. 


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