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I Will Abide By Facebook Rules


” If You Don’t Hear From Me ” 

Facebook gave a warning making it

impossible for me to further communicate making many of

the aspects of my mission complicated. I am often bound by

their limitations.

Although facebook gives tools they frown on extensive use

of those tools telling me massive communications was never

their intention …so I walk a fine line.

Due to the loss of a free server I had to

upgrade a qr code that will never cost you a dime.

A code that will help  save many from suffering hunger and pain .

( I am sorry to be such a pest . Honestly I wanted to give

up and just walk away but there was that tug on my heart …

thousands of painstaking new connections  later ;

Please Share Love , Just Share The Code

Love In Christ,

Brother Scott Gibboney

Gods Love Code


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