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Bring Your Friends Bring The World


My misssion of Hope centers around blogs and sites so

people far away can help. I only seek for people to share

the work I do in honor of my Lord Jesus Christ …so here

you are always more than welcome …. bring you friends ….

bring the whole world … for in that group that God has

called His cheerful givers and more people to share … to

send the news that christians care because ” We love because

He first loved us “. Please join for it does not matter where

one lives … I never seek donations as I leave it up to God to

soften heart as only He can do. (( I will never profit off of any

of this … as my need are taken care of. )) May God Bless you

and yours. For you see I am called to be the voice of those

that have no voice that gathers others to be a voice as well.

Just Click On The Picture To Network With Me

Non Christians read christians not the bible


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