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Your Donations Will Simply Not Help My Ministry


Who I am is totally unimportant , but let
me tell you quite plainly most preachers
have it all wrong. Seriously do think the
One that is Almighty would really need
to depend your money …how crazy …
how dumb !
Yet all I ever seen and get is people
who claim to love God … always
demanding money, even credit cards šŸ˜¦
My mission is different I must tell you
to be a good steward and pay all to whom
you owe in full !
The truth is that there is more to go around
but the real problem is hearts of stone.
The real crux of the matter is that Only He
is worthy to ask, He paid the price.
So where do I go from here ? To Him of
course … My Lord Jesus Christ …I ask Him
for all that I need. So now what you ask
what do you want from me ? Simple and plain
I say just share …. share His word ….share His
Love ….Please Share This Code …Amen


Gods Love Code

The code requires no donations, helps kids and people in
harms way all over the world without discrimination.
I started this because no one person can save the world,
but if each person is willing to pass this code
( A torch of hope. ) Then by the grace of God we will
locate what the bible refers to as the cheerful giver.
May the Holy Spirit guide all your comings and goings.
May you and yours be blessed from ABOVEā€¦AmenĀ :)
Love In Christ,

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