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The Gift of Tears ?


I believe that  tears are a form of the most sincere

form of prayer. Take for example when the needs

of God’s smallest followers go ignored by many who

call themselves christians. I don’t believe that all

tears are in vain but rather a Gift of the Spirit.

How pure the tears of  a child of God.

…Are all prophets?

Are all teachers?

Do all work miracles?

Do all possess gifts of healing?

Do all speak in tongues?

Do all interpret?

‘No! of course not!’

Will you pray with me and this child ?

Who will pray in the gift of tears ?

Who will do as Jesus did ?

I am Brother Scott Gibboney, Who I am Is of little importance.

But there is absolutely no reason you and I can’t save millions of

small innocent chidren, fight abuse of all forms and basically

save the world horrible conditions like genocide,hunger, and

ignorance. This is not a pipe dream but a well thought out plan

with real facts, figures, and a network already in place. All are

welcome here as I am blind to your race,beliefs or creeds. Nor

will I EVER ask you for one dime as God supplies all my needs.

A Site To Save The World Without Any Cash To Start


even the poor have their moments blessed from ABOVE


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