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Getting Access To God’s Unlimited Wealth


Don’t just seek money … it will let you down …

seek knowledge that will lead to success …

Money is only another form of information….

does not answer all things as even it has limits …

God’s LOVE does not have limits.

Knowledge is what you really seek …God’s knowledge

my entire ministry is based upon what I know …

not what I have …

what I have could be gone tomorrow.

I don’t just mean reading the bible …

I mean you need to grow into new talents that you

may lead … lead as one empowered and not dependent

upon others … you will need to be a leader in Christ.

My prayers will be that God empowers you to take

small steps … to go into deeper waters … deeper

waters of knowledge …where you may not be

comfortable to go. Example, God wants me to learn

French … I am not real comfortable with that.

Example , God wants me to lose weight and write a

book on health… not sure about that …but

these things outside my comfort zone will help me

to grow in Him … it’s called trust.

We must all take bigger steps …then give Him

the glory …as He is the provider.

Stop being so hung up on money money money …

money is never the real answer it’s just

another tool.

Go where you have never been before …God

gave you a mind …he empowered you .. you

just need to exploit other tools.

Ask God to make you an expert in some area …

that people need to come to you instead of

you going to them.

Do what others won’t do … trust God….

trust God alot.

This is seldom the answer we all want to hear …but asking,

working and trusting in Him is all 

that we really have.

Be honest yourself. Ask what is it that I’m not doing …

what areas in my life does God want 

me to be refined in. Lead a pure life in Him and this

will all come in His time.

Jesus led people to walk on water … think that was

outside their comfort zone ? 

Most of what we need all boils down to this …letting

go of fear and trusting Him to be there…Amen

* If I feed a person a fish I feed him for a day.

 If I teach a man to fish, I have fed him for life….Amen.

” The Secrets of Master Hydroponic Growers “

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