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Time To Put All The Cards On The Table


At some point in life every body hurts, something stings, alot.

No matter how wealthy, no matter how busy, even cheery

christians no matter how smilely just don’t feel all that great.

So what’s the point ? Why care ? So much evil or at least corruption.

So many ” so called christians ” running away with what really

belongs to God.

So all this god stuff is a joke right ?Then there are the peple who

” KNOW IT ALL ” with big degrees.Yet deep inside they know their

clueless, as our prisons explode !

Then there are the ” great discoverers ” who point to bones and

say see see your ” GOD Stuff ” it’s all a lie and we will all die ,

so let’s party !

Personally I don’t have a problem with those lizard bones as

I believe God had a purpose for those too.

Like an adult there are reasons not to tell a child everything all

at once. As he/she couldn’t take it all in anyhow, any parent could

tell you that.

NEWS FLASH – The Holy Word of GOD isn’t a science book. It’s

not a history book ,,,,, as much as it is a ” LOVE STORY “. I have

not one worthy shred of evidence to back any of this yet I believe,

I hope, for I have been given more than a monkey.

For you see I have hope… I believe.

Second News Flash ;

I am a christian that doesn’t hate science , but views it

as a tool, a tool that is a gift from above.

Yes I’m a christian , I am a christian that likes and

sees the need for intelligence. I am a christian who

likes science and views it as a gift from God.

Not science flavored by religious views and claims ..

but a genuine search …using tools and numbers to

understand and hope for as much as we can.

Love In Christ ,Brother Scott Gibboney

John 3:16 ….Amen.


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