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Gone In The Blink of an Eye


When people ask me how I’m doing in public…I tell them

I’m still kicking…then they most likely give me a curious

stare …I smile and tell them I use to work in a funeral

home … and tell them I was the only one kicking.

Look my friend make the most of your day…but

consider this …life can be wonderful but can all be

gone in the blink of an eye ….I don’t care what you

have or what you have been taught ….I don’t care

where you have been or all the wrong you may have

done … I believe in a God a that loves a God that

forgives …. I tell people His name is Jesus.

( John 3:16 )

Roger skin cancer

” Meet My Little Friend Roger “

God’s word says He has a reason for
everything. ( Romans 8 :26 )

The majority of my mission ( calling ) is committed

to helping the less fortunate like Roger pictured who

has advanced skin cancer. Since I encountered Roger

my work now has a face, a with a burden I wouldn’t

wish on anybody. Because of Roger my quest has

revealed some amazing sites, God help us as we seek

solid answers to world hunger and cancer prevention.

I welcome connections on  Facebook

and  LinkedIn  and  Google +

God Bless The Rest of Your Day

brother Scott gibboney


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