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Have You Ever Had A Vision?



Please do your own search  google search and learn about the

Moringa trees and seeds “. I pray that you will not let this information

die ! A tree that needs to grow in dry soil , just what the doctor ordered

for starving children world wide. Imagine a tree that could feed millions

for pennies and a bit of loving care. Imagine for less than 10 dollars you

could start a food revolution. A tree that could feed and supply a whole

village with water.  Imagine now that this same trees had it’s

own way of purifying water without toxic chemicals.

In the name of Jesus and His great compassion I pray

that you will share this material with all ministers,

missionaries, and people struggling to help all starving

people world wide …Amen.

PS ,,, please don’t start stupid comments like it will cure

every disease … just on hunger alone merits it’s spread of

knowledge nation to nation . I will not profit from any of this.

Love In Christ brother Scott Gibboney.

Please tell everyone not to eat the roots and the seeds !


**  –  ” The thickened root is used as a substitute for

horseradish although this is now discouraged as it contains

alkaloids, especially moriginine, and a bacteriocide, spirochin,

both of which can prove fatal following ingestion. ” **





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