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Freedom Means Not Having To Fit In


Accepting God ( Jesus Christ ) is a plus in ways

you just can’t imagine. No more worrys about

what’s in what’s out. No comparing your dreams

hopes, failures, to the standards of this world.

Give me Jesus give me freedom …this world no

matter how proud , no matter how smart has simply

missed out. Not that I have not suffered being misunderstood.

Even christians make it hard …the ones that act like they know

all drove me crazy. Then finally over time came a picture of the

who, the why, it became clear. Somebody special cared about me

to leave an ancient message. Blast all the experts it’s not about

knowledge as much as it is about heart. Jesus Christ hung on a

cross …said it was finished …so it was.

To people hurting, to people reading science this will surely

sound like rubbish…this will surely be folly.

Jesus said that in order to find Him one must and can only

enter in as a child. When you go to Him all that I can tell you

much like dying your wife, your friends, none can follow.

I don’t beat on bibles or put people of different beliefs

down. I only have time for Jesus…my freedom ( John 3:16 )

Don’t let the know it alls confuse you …read God’s word

all alone. No arm twisting no money grabbing preacher

here simply Jesus willing to help you sort it all out.

I admit it all sounds crazy …I admit I have hard days.

But I admit simply can’t go back …to that dank and

dreary place you call life …you can have it ….give me

Jesus ….give me life.


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