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Become an internet activist for God. Defend the helpless, feed the poor, shun a dictator,read God’s word, Work hard for God but remember He is in charge,Be kind one to another, ” do ” something nice today beyond what you normally do, ” Forgive Somebody Today – I know you don’t want to but that’s God’s way. “,You might live to see the rapture you could even die today, Come down off your throne it’s not your body it’s His temple – wreck God’s temple and what you think is yours will soon be gone., God’s plan is perfect because He is perfect and is preparing for you in paradise this very day a place for you and I to be with Him forever. You must let go of this life to see beyond yourself. It doesn’t require a college degree. You need not be of high rank. In God’s eyes you already are somebody, your His the one true master of the real universe and He is yours and no king, ruler,boss,slave master,banker,policeman,guard,judge on earth will ever stand in the way.

Bless the souls that repost this day. God loves You and So Do I.  🙂

I am just a simple vessel of no special importance. I love the teachings of Jesus. My bible say that by their fruits you shall know them, I profess that Jesus Christ is My Lord and savior. For those of you who believe that God is Love  :::  Please Click Here



  1. David murithi says:

    Am david from kenya ,please am very intrested of what God as put in you and it would be a great blessing to partner with you for the good work of the lord!B e blessed

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