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Knowledge A Hungry and Dark World Is In Critical Need Of

The following is free information to fight hunger, and place a bit of light in the world. * * * * * Will you be the next to learn about God’s life giving tree ? … A tree that God showed Moses long ago that’s still saving lives . A tree that is now being taken seriously by many medical authorities like the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. _ _ _ _

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A Light of Mercy For Those Still In Darkness Over 1.4 billion people are still without access to electricity worldwide, almost all of whom live in developing countries need to learn about ” Pico Power “. Click On The Picture To Learn More

Pico Power

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Ending Africa’s # 1 Killer – Contaminated Water * * * * *

10,000 fish 300-500 yards worm compost  3 acres of land in green houses Grow all year using heat from compost piles. Using vertical space A packed greenhouse produces a crop value of $5 Square Foot! ($200,000/acre).  * * * * *

A Model For Restoring Deserts Into Lush Valleys ….

a model now rescuing millions ….a model out of China ….

that is restoring the deserts of Jordan and Africa.

A model that shows results in little as 3 years.

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Please Share , You Are Welcome To Friend … Love In Christ brother Scott

Please Share , You Are Welcome To Friend … Love In Christ brother Scott

Please Share , You Are Welcome To Friend … Love In Christ brother Scott





Real Callings, Real Life

Few callings involve standing behind a pulpit. Few callings involve

giving long winded speeches. Real callings mostly challenge you for

more, alot more than you knew you had. Real callings will often make

you poor. Real callings will keep you up at night but most likely you

will be inspired and just thankful to be there. Real callings mostly

happen where one was originally planted. Real callings are more

about others and less of ourselves. Real callings will not make

you rich or famous but quite likely even less. Real callings

make people see Jesus in you even if you never even speak

His Name ! Please allow me to introduce a calling that may

not have yet entered your heart.


I Am The Voice Of Those Who Have No Voice

I am the voice of those who have no voice,
who’s calling is to gather other voices for
God’s work here on earth.
Become a ” defender of the forsaken “, become
a fellow crusader against hate.
It is my mission in life to educate and
empower those who think they are beyond
any hope.
If the above comes off as snobbish or
I’m better than you then you have it all
wrong. For you see I am simply here
to share with you wealth that can’t
be bought.


Please Google ” Scott Gibboney Moringa ” Thank You

I am not here to be rich, I am not here to be famous.

I am not here seeking donations of any kind nor

will I ever ask one dime of you !

But I am a person who believes strongly that millions

of children don’t have to die.

 I am not a preacher, I am not backed by any church.

I am simply here to share and teach people of all faiths,

all racial back grounds, all nationalities  about an invasive

weed that could halt world hunger dead in it tracks.

Please google ” Scott Gibboney Moringa as I have

much to share.

Love In Christ, brother Scott Gibboney




Education VS Charity That Doesn’t Work

Please understand, I am not heartless.

But a some point reason has to take over.

How far can the money of one person carry

the vast problems of the world …not very

far my friend …not very far.

So my solution is to combat this evil with

a real solution that is working right now !

Here is my offer at no expense to you.


Final Pretty Please

Feeding The World For Alot Less

Important Notice : Moringa Seeds and Roots Are Not Safe To Consume !

Current Review of Project Moringa, by Brother Jeighreed

A third party review of ” Project Moringa “.

An awareness campaign to fight the overwhelming

battle against world hunger.

An honest and possibly realistic attempt to

put a dent in world hunger with very

little money … the real key is knowledge.

They call it “The Miracle Tree.” It is being planted

extensively in poorer areas of the world, some

400,000 trees in Rwanda alone. That’s how

important so people believe this plant

is many call a tree. ( Moringa Tree )

My only goal is to educate people worldwide,

I don’t want any money from you nor am I seeking

any donations as that is pretty much a waste

of time …for myself this is serious business

as I am working strictly for God.

So here is Brother Jieghreed with his take

on this story.

Important Notice : Moringa Seeds and Roots Are Not Safe To Consume !

MOST URGENT NOTE : ** – ” The thickened root is used as a

substitute for horseradish although this is now discouraged as

it contains alkaloids, especially moriginine, and a bacteriocide,

spirochin, both of which can prove fatal following ingestion. ” **


Who Is Roger , and Why Should Anyone Care ?

Because of Roger ( the child pictured below ) millions              

of other children will have a greater chance of living. Since

I encountered Roger my work now has a face, a with a burden

I  wouldn’t wish on anybody. Because of Roger my quest has

revealed some amazing sites with many solid answers to world

hunger and cancer prevention. All because of an encounter

with this picture of a little child I only know as Roger.

Because of Roger ( I Promise ! ) millions will learn about a

tree that will grow in very dry lands yet hold enough water

it could solve half the world’s needs for sonething safe to

drink. ( Moringa Tree )

Please investigate this organization in Africa where Roger lives. God

bless you in advance. Respectfully, brother Scott Gibboney

Roger In Need